Our Story

Our mission at Oikonomia Coffee is to provide value to the coffee community. Whether it's providing high quality coffee at a reasonable price or educating our own community so people can improve their coffee lifestyle, we want to do it all! There is so much more to coffee than people realize!

At its core, Oikonomia Coffee is a small business with values that reflect that. We want to maintain those same values throughout our growth. Quality coffee, superior prices, fast shipping, and incredible customer service will always be our foundation. 

We take pride in roasting all orders in small batches. This allows us to get the perfect roast every time. This high attention to detail means we take quality control very seriously. If there is ever an issue with your order, reach out to us and we will be happy to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

All of these values come down to helping others and giving back to our community however we can. This is our mission.

Ethically Produced Beans

We source our coffee from fair trade producers only. Fair trade coffee and direct trade coffee are sourced following a strict set of rules that ensure products improve the living conditions of small farmers and are produced with sustainable practices. Fair trade coffee is certified by a non-profit organization like Fair Trade USA. It also means that their culture within the coffee process is honored and preserved which not only respects their craft but results in a better cup of coffee for the end consumer.

Our Location

We are based in Columbia Missouri near University of Missouri-Columbia. It is a great town with a large amount of coffee enthusiasts! If you're a local, remember you can select "Local Delivery" at checkout to get your order delivered the same or next day!


The word Oikonomia means economy, or house management in the greek. This word in itself provides a powerful mission for the company, because Oikonomia is all about excelling in all "economies" or areas of life. We are fully convinced that as we steward the art of coffee roasting well, we can enable our customers to succeed in specific areas of their own life. Essentially, if we manage our own Oikonomia, we can empower others to manage theirs as well. This goal is achieved through our specific mission: quality, accessibility, teaching, and service.