About Our Coffee

We set out to provide quality coffee to all our customers, from those simply trying to explore artesian coffee after ditching their Folgers, to those who have perfected the pour over and enjoy trying different varietals and origins. Our four different single origin coffees can satisfy a wide range of taste preferences. This page provides a simple breakdown of the flavor profiles of our coffee, but more information can be found on each products page.


The Cheat Sheet

The Ethiopian: This coffee is provided in light or medium roast levels, with the light roast bringing out the fruity potential of the bean with hints of cherry and apricot. The medium roast brings out the caramel, almond, and cocoa in the bean. Shop Here

The Columbian: This roast is for those who enjoy a darker coffee, but don't let that fool you, because requested at a medium roast it brings out hints of lime and cherry. At darker roast levels it presents flavors of almond and cocoa. Shop Here

The Guatemala: Guatemala has been a pioneer in specialty coffees for a long time, and our Guatemala is no different. At a light roast the coffee is fruity with hints of grape and lime, but at a medium roast the Guatemala begins to truly stand out with flavors of salted caramel and cashew. Shop Here

The Costa Rica: This coffee is by far our most unique coffee, because of how it is processed. While most coffee is processed in avenues called washed or natural, this coffee is a black honey process that brings out many unique flavors. We highly recommend a medium roast for this coffee, and it has hints of toffee, honey, and blackberry. Shop Here